radioactive sign

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Patrick Joyce advocated for Senate Bill 76 last Thursday, which was an initiative from State Senator Sue Rezin (R-Morris) that enables the state to explore new clean energy options and create jobs in the nuclear industry.

“It’s our job to ensure Illinois remains a leader in clean energy production,” said Joyce (D-Essex). “By lifting the moratorium, we can explore new nuclear technology, support job creation and ensure that our state has more sustainable energy sources.”

Under current law, there is a nuclear moratorium in place that prohibits any construction of a new nuclear plant in Illinois and prohibits the Illinois Commerce Commission from issuing a certificate of public and convenience and necessity for a new nuclear facility. Senate Bill 76 would appeal the moratorium on new nuclear facilities in Illinois.

“My legislation is a bipartisan, pro-jobs bill that will help ensure that Illinois is able to effectively compete with other states who are beginning to understand the pivotal role nuclear energy can play in relieving growing energy grid reliability and resiliency pressures,” said Rezin.

“I’m here to make Illinois stay relevant, to make Illinois stay at the table, and with the moratorium in place, we aren’t even in the conversation,” said Joyce. “Reliability and affordability is something we are going to be dealing with for years to come. I want to thank Senator Rezin for this bill.”

Senate Bill 76 passed the Senate with a 39-13 bipartisan vote and now moves other to the House for further action.